Talos VIII

This polyphonic synth is modeled after the Waldorf Rocket in its special Unison Mode. You will hear the smooth butteriness of all eight sawtooth oscillators each slightly detuned to enrich the sound of the note that's held. Once leaving the synthesizer itself the signal passed through a vintage Bellari RP220 preamp with a little bit of added 12AX7 tube dirt. 



Add the mellow tones of the Talos VIII to thicken up your low end or add a bit of soft breath in the mids and highs throughout your arrangement. 



Polyphonic Synth
Mellow Tones 
Kontakt Instrument


  • 32 Gigabytes
  • Uncompressed WAV Files
  • .NKS Instrument
  • 64 Samples
  • Kontakt Full Required